Lake Norrell Info.     


There are still lots of people in the Central Arkansas area that have never heard of Lake Norrell.  Lake Norrell has really been coming out in the last few years. The change started in about 2006 or 2007. Toleson Land & Timber Company decided to sell some of its land holdings on Lake Norrell Road and on North Lake Norrell Drive. Keeping it in mind none of this property is lake front, in fact, none of it is even lake view. What has happened is a real “metamorphosis”. Large parcels of land have been cut up into smaller parcels and some of the original purchasers of Toleson property, have started to sell even smaller parcels. The end result is new houses popping up everywhere. While most of the property that has been sold isn't lake front or even lake view, some people realized that a "breathtaking" view of the foothills of the Ozarks is pretty darn special in itself. This flurry of real estate activity has gotten Lake Norrell its fair share of attention.
The next thing to happen was the extension of public water to almost all of Northern Saline County including the Lake Norrell area. This along with recent property sales, have made investors aware there might be some potential in buying property for future development. Up until this point, Lake Norrell residents had a couple of choices for water. One was to drill a well and the other was to draw water from the lake. Hauling drinking water was quite common for many Lake Norrell residents. With the opportunity to have access to "city water" was really an attention getter.  Most residents of Lake Norrell were eager to accept this added benefit to their lifestyle and their enjoyment of this beautiful lake.
All this has made lake front and lake view property even more in demand and therefore more valuable. Many city dwellers have woke up to the fact they could live on a beautiful lake and get up and drive to work in Little Rock, less than 40 minutes away, which is an easy commute. Some have realized they could live in Little Rock, Bryant or Benton, and have a weekend get-a-way from the nagging responsibilities of home. Many, who had eagerly bought property on Lake Hamilton or Lake Ouachita, see an opportunity to have the benefits of a less crowded lake, much closer to home and more available.
The main thing that makes Lake Norrell special is its friendly people. They come from all walks of life and from many different professions but the main thing they have in common is their love for Lake Norrell. They enjoy the community fund raisers, the 4th of July fireworks display, the parade of boats and the other community activities that make Lake Norrell such as special place to live. The main thing they enjoy is the quite serenity and the cool breeze that is forever present on Lake Norrell or at least when I've been there. Lake Norrell really is “The Best Kept Secret”.